Shirts in Sai-one clothing boutique!

Whats going on everyone! It is Monday July 28th 2008! Today is a great day for Bales Clothing! My team has just placed 5 NEW t-shirt designs in the clothing boutique we carry on line right now!

The Boutique is Called ” Sai-one”, it is located at 818 Elmwood Avenue – Buffalo, NY 14222. The design are sick and only get better! As of right now, there are just a handful of contributors to the up&coming clothing line: Malcolm Hicks, Justin Torres, Mee-lai Bales and Myself!

Justin Torres is the master behind our graphic t-shirts’ custom designs; Malcolm Hicks is a graphic designer and his designs speak loud and proud, full of excitement and fun! Mee-lai Bales is the precise & coherent writer in all aspects of our operations currently; and as for me… Well I don’t brag on me, but Bales Clothing is gonna definitely set a foundation in Buffalo, NY and unify the college scene in a positive way.