So much good news & not enough time!

I know you guys are wondering… are they gonna just stay in buffalo? are they gonna sell clothes in the big apple, NYC? Is he ever gonna come thru for us?

WELL THE ANSWER IS YES YES YES! Right now, as I TYPE (excuse the typos)… Terese Brown our very first Product Placer (that’s not a real title) is in Jamaica near Montego Bay and guess what she is doing there? …….

….You guessed right! She is about to go to some shop owners and introduce some Báles apparel to them. THis is probably just as exciting as “NEW ERA” getting on board with the college tour (and for all you who don’t know… NEW ERA is based in BUFFALO!). I’m so excited for her and us as well. She is our International Connect aka our I.C. (that actually sounds good). I know she is going to do great promoting Báles Clothing in Jamaica so be excited for the movement that started here in BUFFALO! If anyone wants to meet this girl (she’s taken by the way), hit her up on & chit chat with the pro!

I’m telling you guys, facebook is the beginning of a new wave of networking. I 100% support facebook too. Its run by a 26 yr old billionaire! You guys realize that young people make money too I hope… In the Forbes Magazine/ it says -“Mark Zuckerberg ranks 785 on The World’s Billionaires 2008″…. That’s impressive guys. Peace