New Sponsor!

Hey Guys, we just got word that we will have another sponsor on board very soon! We are working out the deal as I TYPE! I won’t announce who they are until its official but I’m telling you, Their STEAK HOAGIES are Awesome! If there are any small businesses or up&coming franchises that want to support the movement through sponsorships or donations, LET US KNOW ASAP! We will promote the crap out of yall!!

Also, I just want to give a shout out to our current sponsors and the people who made it possible to make us more appealing AND supporting our vision! : )

Biggups to Tania @ NEW ERA CAP COMPANY!

Biggups to Mdot @ JB CLASSICS LAB!

Biggups to Mike Brockway, Justin Torres, Elaine Polvinen, David Brinson, Lou Schrieber & Lu Modern Classics, Thomas @ Pavlov’s Togs and anyone else supporting the movement that I may have missed!

Peace & God Bless!

Steven Báles