Hey everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying this Blog… I do it straight from Buff State Campus Library if you didn’t already know! LOL. We are looking forward to getting another Blog started real soon as soon as we put together a Team of interns….I like The Term “Workforce” better because we are gonna be grinding hard until Bales Clothing is a national money making business!

MannnNN! The Bales Crew had a successful Casting Call this Saturday! The WHOLE BALES TEAM in Buffalo showed up! Over 30 models showed up! We had it video recorded! We had Professional Photographs taken! We had extra cameras from all angle! And My boy Gerald holding it down at the door! Gerald was keeping that casting running smoothly!

We had some Beautiful Girls show up and some sharp guys as well! I believe we are gonna be making our decisions some time this weekend with our Photographer Victoria, a student at Buffalo State College. I spoke to some of the girls and they told me they had a good time; that it was professional and that they look forward to being part of the movement! WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR!!!!

Take care guys/gals

Peace & Love,

Steven Bales