Bales Clothing Takes To The Streets!

Hey Everyone. I know this might be late notice, but the Bales Crew is meeting tomorrow to prep and get ready for our 1st recording/photographing of random individuals roaming around Buffalo State College!

On Tuesday, at 12:00 pm we will be in the “Campbell Student Union” with the crew including videographer, Tchen “Chilla” from “DOPE PETALS PRODUCTIONS”; photographer Victoria Mariani apart of “AUTOMATIC TEAM!”; Bales models and staff as well. We are looking for the freshest and fliest gals and guys at Buff State and putting them on the spot to get some shine and publicity! We call this “swagga”! We are gonna interview a few people, photograph them and get the video cameras rolling!

And Check this out! Firebrand is one of the contributing promoters and we will definitely be rocking Firebrand T-shirts where you can get ya exclusive kicks locally in Buffalo! Elmwood Village to be exact! Also, BiggUps to “SOLEMATES” who designed the shirts we will rock. Who says a clothing line can’t give props when props are due!!! Shot out to main mans Sasha & Gabe!

Iight yall, if you in Buffalo, Buff State, Canisius, UB or other colleges stop through and see what the hype is about!

Peace & Love,

Steven Bales

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