1st Fashion Show in the bag!

Hey Everyone. We just finished up our first fashion show for this fall where we showcased 7 shirt designs and two dresses by designer, B. Turner. The show was packed out the door! Guys, every seat was filled, people were standing at least three rows back on both sides of the social hall. It was definitely a good plug for a first show of the season.

The camera crew, Automatic Team!, was definitely on point. Dope Petals Production was filming some excellent footage and interviews! Not to mention, we had an editor in the cut reviewing the show who is getting Báles Clothing in to a Buffalo magazine that we may not release yet. BSC-TV did an interview with Steven Bales, keeping it funky and real for the masses.

We would like to thank anyone who came out to support the show and hope to see you guys and gals at the next one!

Peace & Love,

The Báles Crew