Hitting the streets of Elmwood Ave!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Buffalo, NY. We though we were going to interview people in the streets wearing their winter clothes, but we had a 70º day! So of course the Báles Crew improvised and still made it happen. We interviewed many individuals from high school students to young adults on their way to wherever they were heading, lol.

With us we had Automatic Team!’s Victoria Mariani, Dope Petals Production’s Tchen “Chilla”, Báles models Tiff Trim, Gisselle Sanchez and Geaorge Kent Jr. New Intern Ashley Hodge showed up on the scene and of course my mighty assistant Gerald Combs. Also a special shout out to Monica Rawlings who came out to show us some love!

The team had a great time, took a ton of photos and the footage is on point!

If anyone needs photos or video taken, we have two great teams forming up in the Báles Crew and I’m positive they are looking for some paid work, lol!

Peace & Love,

Steven Báles