Another show in the bag!

Hey Everyone!

The Bales Crew has finished up another successful fashion show at Buffalo State College! The show we participated in was through the African American Student Organization at Buffalo State College. We showcased an array of shirt designs from classic Bales inspired graphics and those that portrayed appreciation for “Black Beauty”. We also showcased up & coming designer B. Turner dresses that everyone had no choice but to adore. The Bales Clothing scene ripped the runway like usual, and we look forward to set it ablaze in our next show for the Caribbean Student Organization at Buffalo State College.

The Crew also had a chance to meet the talented comedian, Capone, who rocked last night at AASO’s “Apollo Night”! His jokes was on point all night, that we had no choice but to make sure we gave him a shirt! He had mad crazy jokes for days!

Before we sign off this message, we want to give Dope Petals Production a big shout out for keeping the people on their tippy-toes and wanting more every single week! Its The Movement, Western New York we here!!!

Peace & Love

The Bales Crew