1st official photo shoot @ Firebrand in Buffalo, NY!

Oh man oh man! Firebrand  sneaker boutique had a taste of Báles Clothing tonight for the very first ever photo shoot! I mean, we had like thirty people there including the Báles Crew, our great interns and the awesome Bales models. Martelisha Rufus, did an outstanding job with the make-up and hair. All of the interns were contributing to keeping things orderly and running smooth through out the evening. Tchen “Chilla” was killing them like always getting close ups on the magic behind photo shoots! And we have a new photographer on board, Elena Rizzo and she was doing her thing at will! She is a rising star in Buffalo and we welcome her to the team. Elena hit it off well with the models and was making it look so easy out there. Great job Elena!!!

But the Bales crew has another fun-filled fashion night ahead for them. Tomorrow evening at 5pm we will be showcasing some of our new designs at CSO (Caribbean Student Organization) Culture Show at Buffalo State College. We are excited to be apart of there show and look forward to having a great night. Be sure to check out the new DP Production videos coming soon to the blog…

Peace & Love,

The Bales Crew