Happy New Years!

2009! Here we come! The Báles Crew is up and running. We have a lot of big plans for this new year and we’re deciding to only go with the best! The best staff, the best shows, the best events and the best choices our reputation needs to become a thriving clothing company. Some people have come and gone at a blink of an eye; some people were able to tough it out but eventually withered away; and some people…. Some People are apart of a great movement that’s steadily moving towards great success!

Starting February 2009, The Báles Crew will be releasing the very 1st issue of the “Báles Swagga Column” in various colleges in the Buffalo area. Expect us to hit up The University of Buffalo (UB), Buffalo State College, Medaille, Canisius and possibly more! This is only a word-of-mouth newsletter that is only distributed from The Báles Crew! We are excited and you should be too!

Special Biggups to Tchen “Chilla”! We just got word from the young videographer/entrepreneur, that he will be recording the 2009 Inauguration speech of Barack Obama! Congratulations Tchen & We know you’ll do great! If you are apart of the crew, make sure to blow up Tchen’s Facebook wall with massive amounts of “Congrads”.

Until next time…
Peace & Love,

The Báles Crew