Allentown Art Festival

Hey everyone, today Malcolm Hicks and myself have submitted 2 designs a piece to the Allentown Art Festival competition in Buffalo, NY!  We are excited about our designs and look forward to winning the 1st prize for $1000 and at the same time creating a ton of publicity in Buffalo for having our design circulated in Buffalo. Places like museums, store windows, cafes, restaurants, colleges and grocery stores! You name it, the flyer will be there to promote the festival.

The festivall is an exciting time! Tons and tons of vendors come out and showcase their artwork, designs, products and more! We also plan to have a spot in the festival! Enjoy the photos! The Dates will Be on June 13th and 14th in Allentown!

fresh off the press 13allentown-art-festival-1allentown-art-festival-2