1st Independent Photo Shoot!

March 2009 and Aprill 2009 has been packed with events from Bales Clothing! Yesterday we had our 1st independent photo shoot! Yes! We had our own location; our own back drop, lighting and setup crew! Thats how we role!

We want to start by giving much needed credit to Kelly Murray, freshman at Buffalo State College, our star photographer for doing an AWESOME job with us! She has shot multiple fashions shows, photo shoots and attended various meetings! She is definitely one of our new shining stars in addition to Tchen Vilsaint, our videographer. Kelly tells us that she is ready to do personal shoots for anyone willing to drop a few bucks for some great pics (we encourage her to get paid!).

Another new addition to the team is Vanessa Vaz. Vanessa is killing them on the hair and make-up tip! She is currently employed in a hair salon in the Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY area. She attends Buffalo State College and one of the most responsible individuals on our team! And even though Vanessa is already nice, she is humble and always looking to improve!

So B. Turner is back in Buffalo, NY! Making a name for herself and also taking Bales Clothing to the next level! Custom dresses, custom blouses, jeans, accessories, menswear and the list goes on! We truly believe that B. Turner is our outlet to having many other designers want to be apart of our team… MTV, VH1, STYLE.COM…. HERE WE COME!

Last but not least! The Crew should definitely be proud of all the progress we have made since day one. Malolm Hicks, CFO of Bales Clothing; Gerald Combs, our Chief Assistant; Kelley Thompson, Our Administrative Assistant; All of the models and interns!