Panic Attack Photos!

Here are some photos from this past Saturday’s fashion show! ENJOY!

panic attack kim 1

Kimberly Cohen rockin a Báles Clothing shirt & shorts!

panic attack kristina 1

Kristina Murray reppin’ a Báles Clothing shirt!

panic attack model 1

Panic Attack! model chillen in a Báles Clothing shirt!

panic attack models 1

Splash Panny dude pimpin a Báles Clothing shirt like a G!

panic attack kim 2

Kimberly Cohen is too hot to touch in her Báles Clothing original dress!

splash panic model 2

NEW YORK CITY! Yea… Thats a Báles Original shirt + The Fitted + The Scarf!

panic attack kristina 2

Kristina Murray is an Ice Cold Stunna in that blue Báles Clothing dress!

panic attack final bow 1

Thank you, Thank you! Now tune in every week for Updates!

panic attack steven & malc

The Crew should frame this one…What you think!

(Steven Báles & Malcolm Hicks)

Panic Attack host Amanda & Andy

The Host of the Panic Attack Fashion Show


much love & respect to you guys*

The Báles Crew