Website upgrade!

We hope everyone is noticing the clear changes in our photographs on our pages! We are definitely improving by the day to bring you awesome Báles Clothing all around…

We have worked with photographers Kelly Murray, Donald Schwartz and Steve Azzara so far, and have future plans of working with Chris Brown & Nikysama! Out of all the photographers, Kelly Murray holds true to be Báles Clothing’s go to girl!

Kristen Szramkowski has taken the reigns for our Báles “Swagga” Column and is doing unbelievable graphic artwork and layout design! Look out for our new blog in August for the “Swagga Column” exclusively! And not to mention, but Kristen will dazzle all of you as well when she gets in front of the camera or rips the runway… yea, she’s a Báles Model in the making too

Working with Kristen S., We have Mieko Beyer who is getting the word out about Báles Clothing through editorials and article entries. You might even see her work in our upcoming blog! (writer’s needed)

Man, we can go on and on about the talent we are putting together here at Báles Clothing! But we’ll end on this note! Mario B, premiere DJ in Buffalo, NY is also down with the crew taking care of public relations and party promotions! You’ll know it him with a fresh Báles-T and fitted of course!

Hope we didn’t bore you with our up & coming talents!

Peace & Love,

The Báles Crew

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