1st Fashion Show – Ani DiFranco’s Church, Buffalo NY!

We had “The Show” in the bag when we chose this location back in the summer! Who knew Báles Clothing could pull off a fashion show in a venue that can house 700 – 1000 and still keep it filled up!

The team had a great time putting “The Show” together for the  4 months of planning and 1 month of promoting. Buffalo’s own Malcolm Hicks & Steven Báles hosted there very first fashion show production at Ani DiFranco’s Church, Babeville in Buffalo, NY! The Báles Crew really came together on promotion for “The Show”! With the networking skills of Marketing Director,Nicole Lamoreaux & Executive Assistant, Allie Bornemisza, Báles Clothing were able to broaden their network in Buffalo in a matter of weeks!

We want to give a huge shout out to SKUNKPOST.COM & CHRISTIE WEBER (the host of “The Show”) for choosing to support our show & hosting the event! If you haven’t check out SKUNKPOST.COM, Check it out!

Special Thanks to DJ LOPRO – IF YOU NEED AN OFFICIAL DJ IN BUFFALO OR EVEN LOS ANGELES, GET IN TOUCH WITH HIM! You will definitely see him rolling with the Báles Crew from show to show! His talent cannot be put into words! You gotta hear him spin for yourself!

And the Báles Crew definitely includes the models, staff and helpers! Advance ticket sales were sky rocketing out the gate! We told yall it was a movement! A group of young excited individuals, all with different dreams but one thing in common… WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

Peace & Love,

The Báles Crew

p.s. Bálesclothing.com is coming sooner than you think!