Trip to Lancaster, PA on Jan 8th 2011

Sorry To back track everyone, but I took an awesome adventure to Lancaster, PA for a business conference for my other business team which we are sponsored by Artistry Skincare & Make-up through MYSELF, an independent business owner! Well, I decided to get to know more about the city of Lancaster which turns out to be an awesome, awesome city! They have tons of art & fashion culture that I couldn’t believe it… The cool part about the downtown district near the “Marriott” hotel where are conference is held  has street names like Prince, Queen and King streets! It was awesome! Also, every first friday in Lancaster, PA they have a social event to come out and shop , socialize, check out art studios and more! It’s called “First Fridays”. The stores were open til 10pm and everyone was having an awesome time…

Not to mention! Bales Clothing is Coming Real soon to “Christiane á Paris” clothing boutique located at 136 N Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603. We will announce it soon!

I think Bales Clothing should push for  First Fridays in Buffalo, NY!*  Thank Lancaster! Hope to be back to do a fashion show there! 🙂

Enjoy the pics – Peace & Love,

The Bales Team

Phone: 717.393.0120
Above: Christiane á Paris Clothing Boutique
142 N Prince St Lancaster, PA 17603

Above: Christiane David Gallery

Lancaster, PA
Zap & Co.