1st Official Rehearsal for The Show: 2!!!

Yesterday was a good day!

Technically it is still the same day because I still haven’t rested! 🙂
I been up working on these collages below so you can see that Bales Clothing is not all about seriousness and business! We like to have fun… and even smile!

The cool part about these models this year, is that they are rich & diverse in ethnic backgrounds, culture and professions. We have everything from waitresses to engineers! Definitely an inspiration to those who are trying to find their niche in life! Hope you guys & gals are ready to purchase your tickets!

RSVP Tickets [aka VIP] are on sale for $30! Call us at 917.612.0750 or email us at info@balesclothing.com!

I hope you enjoy just a few pics of our models.